The Importance of Self Care

Guys, I just took a 30 minute shower. A hot shower. And I shaved my legs. That like never happens! (Sorry hubby!)

But it’s true! Being a mom of little ones, you really don’t get the time to stop and take time for yourself. There’s never a moment that you have all to yourself during the day. Even going to the bathroom, my toddler figures out a way to pick the lock (we are keeping an eye on that one) and will stand two inches from my forehead saying “You go potty mama? Good job mama! you can do it mama!”. I’m all for the cheer-leading each other on in life, but that’s a bit much!

So how do we as moms take care of ourselves? The old saying “you can’t our from an empty cup” is so true. We can’t give to our love ones, what they truly deserve of us, if we can’t give to ourselves first.

Make self care a priority. This is my 2019 mantra. Read it. Repeat it. Chant it. Whatever. Just make you, your #1 priority. I know it’s hard. We are conditioned to go above and beyond for our kids, our spouse, our partner, our friends & extended family. We give to everyone, and when we don’t give to ourselves, we break. We meltdown and we become a subpar version of who we are made to be. Sisters, hear me, RISE UP. Take your piece of the pie. You have to or you will fall down that dark hole of depression. I know, I’ve been there, and not taking care of myself is EXACTLY how I got there.

But I don’t have time.” Make time. You binge watched an entire season of Handmaid’s Tale in 2 days, you can carve out 1 hour for self care. “I have no one to watch my kids.” Find someone. Ask family. Don’t have family? Ask another mom in the neighborhood and trade time with her so SHE can take care of herself too. I had made all the excuses in the world so I could stay in my depression hole and hermit myself into the abyss of my couch. Where did that get me? Nowhere but miserable, sad and 100+ pounds overweight.

This is my year. The year I take back my life and reclaim my self love, self worth and happiness. I didn’t start out this motivated, I had to FORCE myself off the couch, slap the remote out of my own hand and just do it. Once I started and once I got over the big feelings of “I should be spending this time on my kids instead” a whole new world opened for me.

Because I take care of myself, I am a better mom for my kids. I have more energy to play with them. More motivation to take them out to do things. I feel human and happy and actually care about, well, me. Don’t get me wrong. I still have my down days too, and I think that’s just part of being human, but if you are feeling worthless, and like you don’t matter in this world, change it. I promise you, the feelings that come with self care are SO worth it.

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11 thoughts on “The Importance of Self Care”

  1. So much yes to this!

    I started waking up at 4 am just so I could have a solid 1.5-2 hours to myself before the kids woke up! It’s my favorite part of my day.

  2. That hour after they go to bed is when I try to get something in for me and doing that instead of straight to sleep has been so helpful!

  3. Oh, the struggle! I’m a single mom of an 8.5 month old. I realized a couple weeks ago I’ve only been away from my child 4 times since she was born that didn’t mean work. I have family in the area, thankfully, so I have decided that I really need to make it once a month at least where I can step out for three hours to just do whatever with myself! This year is a good year for me anyway, with her about to be one. I’m back in shape and will be moving forward with some career goals as soon as she is done breastfeeding.

  4. I am the absolute WORST about taking care of myself until I’ve reached my breaking point! This year, I’ve really focused on doing what I call my “oxygen mask items,” as in secure your own ixyhen mask first. I’ve had ups and downs, but I am able to be the mother I want to be when I’m diligent about self care.

  5. A 30 minute shower and you got to shave!? Good for you, mama! I’m all about making self care a priority. It’s so important, and I wish more moms didn’t feel guilty about. Great post!

  6. I am just bad at self love. I dedicate my life to my hubby and baby and the in laws’. And keep forgetting my needs. Thanks for motivating a self ignorant person like me.

  7. yes yes yes to everything! I hear you mama, I’m lucky if I can get a shower in most days but self care is so so important. We need some “me-time” too. WE can’t be our best selves when we neglect ourselves and we can’t be the kinda mums we want to be if we are always run down. focusing on self care is important for us and those we care for

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